Taste Our New Releases!

We have a few new releases in our tasting room right now, with many more to come! Here are wines that we’re featuring in our tasting room right now:

2015 Le Vigne Paso Robles Barrel Select Chardonnay (NEW in the tasting room!)
2014 LV Paso Robles BS Chard(300dpi)

Tasting Notes: Fuji apples mixed with pineapple and banana are the driving aromatics balance with toasted marshmallow.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Pair this cheese with a mild Gouda, such as Kokos (Gouda enriched with coconut cream) or Honeybee (Goat Gouda infused with honey) for a tropical treat!


2015 Le Vigne Paso Robles Rosé2015 LV Paso Rose 1115 X 3456px

Tasting Notes: Drawing in with a bright and clear nose of fresh berry, vanilla and graham spice portray a subtle oaked structure, playing into an irrestistible strawberry cheesecake profile.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Try Central Coast Creamery’s Seascape (Cow and goat milk cheddar), Mahon (Spanish cow’s milk) or Gruyere. The saltiness will balance out the mild sweetness in this wine.


2014 Le Vigne Paso Robles Zinfandel2014 LV Paso Robles_Zin_small

Tasting Notes: Sumptuous aromas of fig and molten brown sugar precede a ripe melange of blackberry, blueberry, and cranberry, enveloping clean graphite mouthfeel and nutty tannins.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Match this peppery wine with a peppered cheese, like Beecher’s Marco Polo (Washington Cow’s milk cheese with green and black Madagascar peppercorns) or a pepper-coated brie smothered in fig jam


2013  Le Vigne di Domenico Grenache2013 Grenche_small

Tasting Notes: Medium bodied with full presence, this Grenache erupts strawberry and grenadine at the forefront. The mid-palate is met with vanilla and cherry cola over a hint of dusty minerality and settles into a spicy sage finish, perfect to curl up with by the fire.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Pair with a sharp cheddar such as Fiscalini’s Bandage Wrapped Cheddar (California cow’s milk), a hard, aged gouda like Noord Hollander (Dutch Cow’s milk), or Jarlsberg Swiss cheese.


2013 Le Vigne Coure Della Vigna Super Tuscan Blend2013 Grenche_small

Tasting Notes: Leading with Sangiovese character, a rustic nose with flavors of cigar box, red raspberry, clove, and ginger are complemented by the robust structure of Cabernet with creamy teature, lingering tannins, and olive finish. This blend consists of 66% Sangiovese, 19% Merlot, 11%Cabernet Sauvignon, and 3% Petit Verdot.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: The goal is to find a cheese that will stand up to the complexiety of this wine without overpowering it; choose an aged sheep’s milk Gouda such as Ewephoria or an aged cheddar such as Stepladder Creamery’s Cambria Clothbound.


2013 Le Vigne  di Ranchita Vista Cabernet Franc2013 LV Cab Franc-small

Tasting Notes: Alluring varietal expression of Cabernet Franc with a nose of freshly raked autumn leaves and a delightful suggestion of apple turnover. Chewy tannins and lean minerality exhibit the structure of Bordelais grapes in calcareous soil, with promising ageability.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Try grassy yet sweet cheeses such as Central Coast Creamery’s Ewenique (Sheep’s milk Gouda), Fontina, or Camembert


2013 Le Vigne di Ranchita Vista Petite Sirah2_2013 LV Petite Sirah_small

Tasting Notes: Jammy aromas of a mixed berry patch, including blueberries, huckleberries, blackberries and boysenberries merge with a ripe plum and subtle Black Cerignola olives. The finish is rich and illustrious with a kick of white pepper.

Cheese Pairing Suggestion: Bold blue cheeses like Central Coast Creamery’s Big Rock Blue or Fourme d’Ambert, or a hard, aged cheddar like Wisconsin 12-year cheddar.


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