Cooking with Himalayan Salt Plates

One of our favorite items that we’re selling in our tasting room right now is the Himalayan Salt Plate! The salts used to make this plate are from the Jurassic era and were mined deep in the Himilayan mountains. The plate is 5″ x 10″ and  can be used in the oven or on a grill as a cooking surface, or chilled in the freezer and used as a serving tray. The salts enhance the flavors of the food while elegantly presenting them, which makes it the perfect addition to your cookware collection.

Our winemaker, Michael Barreto, demonstrates how to grill the perfect rack of lamb on this salt plate here. He even uses the remaining drippings from the lamb to grill vegetables for a delicious side dish. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your salt plate:

Before you first use the salt plate, you must be sure to temper it in the oven for at least six hours in order to keep it from cracking when exposed to extreme temperatures.
Heat the block slowly, then add the meat once the plate has reached the desired temperature.
This rack of lamb was seasoned with only oil and herbes de provance. The salts in the block will add a complex minerality and saltiness characteristic of Himalayan salt!
This particular rack took about 35 minutes to cook medium rare.
The remaining drippings from the meat can be used to cook vegetables for a deliciously salty side dish.
The finished result is a beautifully cooked rack of lamb, seasoned to perfection!

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