Summer is Coming

Many people view Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of Summer, but it truly does not start till June 21st. With that said I feel like Summer has arrived. The days are long with bright sun and a cool breeze at night, the perfect time to go wine tasting during the day and finish the night out on my patio with a cheeseboard and a bottle of wine.

Wine and cheese tasting on the patio.

Over the last few years, I have seen a great change in the wine tasting world and I truly enjoy the new tasting experiences. While it was fun to taste at the bar the new seated tasting experiences are right up my alley. Gathering my friends and family and enjoying a wine and cheese tasting on the patio at Le Vigne Winery is just what this time of year calls for. Starting June 3rd Le Vigne will be offering a white and a rosé wine on the tasting list as well as three reds, the perfect opportunity to pick out my pool sipping wine. The Rosé of Sangiovese is always a good go to for the pool, but the Barrel Select Viognier has made me stop and think about changing it up. As I debate the merits of each I look up and see that it is time for lunch!

Pizza perfection.

I always make a reservation when I’m coming in to taste on Saturday or Sunday because Le Vigne Winery offers lunch from 11:30am to 3:00pm. I love to do family-style for lunch, so I get a little of everything. My favorite pizza is the Pizza la Specialita della Vigne, it is a twist on a Margarita pizza, with arugula and caramelized garlic. This pizza goes great with the Estate Mourvèdre. This is the first single varietal Mourvèdre that Le Vigne has made and I’m excited about it. To let you in on a little secret: I was the one that encouraged Terry to make this wine, so it has a special place in my heart. It has a wonderful balance of tannins and fruit and is a great Summer red wine. Before I get ahead of myself, I must try the Insalatina di Pollo “Il Treno”. This refreshing salad has Chef Walter’s signature Le Vigne Chardonnay Lemonette dressing, and I cannot get enough of it. Someday I may be able to convince him to give me his recipe. The best part of lunch at Le Vigne is that Chef Walter changes up the menu each month except for my favorite pizza (Pizza la Specialita della Vigne) is the signature dish.

I almost forgot the cheeses! I love tasting at Le Vigne because of the cheese pairing option. It is a “hard day” at work when the team works with our cheese monger to pair the wines for the month. While sometimes we must taste several cheeses to get just the right pairing I’m always up for the challenge. With the pairing selected it’s time to enjoy it on the patio. At the end of the tasting I always take a few cheeses to go for my end of the day cheeseboards. I think this month I will need to take home a bottle of Estate Merlot and Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy with my husband and cheeses.

June Wine Lineup

I hope that I have excited your tastebuds and piqued your interest in a wine and cheese tasting daily at Le Vigne Winery and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. If you get my favorite pizza, I may have to join you for a slice! I look forward to seeing you at the winery soon!


Jillian Oksen
Wine Club Manager


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