Our Holiday Cheese Flight

The holidays are finally upon us! We’ve been busy preparing for the winter months by decorating our tasting room, planning a variety of brand new events, and releasing some of our most special reserve wines. We even came out with a brand new wine and cheese flight, specifically tailored to the holiday season. With flavors of cinnamon, cranberry, garlic, and even fresh truffles, this flight will make you yearn for your favorite holiday fare! Here’s a look at the current wines and cheeses that we’re featuring:

file_0004Montchèvre Goat Log with Cranberry and Cinnamon (Pairs with 2015 Le Vigne Paso Robles Rosé)

Montchèvre goat cheese logs are made using prime quality milk collected from local family farms and folded with high quality ingredients. These cheeses have a fresh, mild flavor and a rich, smooth texture and come in twelve different flavors. The cranberry and cinnamon flavors in this cheese perfectly compliment the light strawberry notes and hint of spice in our Rosé. This cheese can be sprinkled on a salad or even spread onto a bagel for a delicious treat!

file_0005Reggianito (Pairs with 2013 Le Vigne Grenache)

Reggianito (or “little reggiano”) is considered to be the new world style of Parmesan, and is produced in 15lb wheels in Uruguay. It’s enhanced flavor is the result of the length of time that it is cured, and has a lovely grainy texture enhanced with white protein crystals. This cheese is a slightly sweeter alternative to the classic Parmesan Reggiano, and is perfect for cooking or grating over pasta.

img_07061Stepladder Creamery Cambria Clothbound Cheddar (Pairs with 2013 Le Vigne Coure Della Vigna)

This cow’s milk cheddar cheese from Stepladder Creamery in Cambria, CA has a natural rind produced from the bandage it is wrapped in as it ages. With a crumbly yet creamy texture, it tastes slightly more savory savory than sweet, while also producing a prominent sharpness on the finish.The tyrosine crystals that develop after four months of aging provide a pleasurable crunch.

popup_tres-leches-wheelQueso Tres Leches La Gruta Del Sol (Pairs with 2013 Le Vigne Nikiara)

The name of this Spanish cheese translates to “Three Milk Cheese from the Cave of the Sun.” Made from a blend of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk, this cheese is aged for six months in natural caves. This gives the cheese a savory and creamy personality similar to Basque sheep’s milk cheeses such as Ossau-Iraty, but has a much nuttier flavor. This cheese has a harder texture, and the flavor is big enough to stand up to bold red wines and blends, but is still light enough that it won’t offend a sensitive palate.

popup_melkbus-149-trufflesMelkbus #149 (Pairs with 2005 Sylvester Syrah Port)

This raw-milk Gouda is produced in Holland and is infused with shavings of black Italian truffles. Melkbus translates to  “Milk Can,” depicting the way that the fresh cow’s milk used for this cheese was originally transported to the creamery. Each dairy farm where the milk is produced is assigned with a number for identification purposes; the particular farm used for this cheese was #149. This cheese is the most powerful on the flight, with powerful flavors of garlic and fresh truffle and a semi-soft texture.


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