La Famiglia Shipment: October 2016


We’ve finally released our October  La Famiglia Wine Club shipment! Almost all of the wines included in this shipment are brand new releases that we’re currently pouring in our tasting room. The cheeses included in this shipment are available at the winery for sample as well, so stop by and try these special wines and cheeses for a sneak peek of what you’re going to get!

The Wines

2013 NIKIARA-largeLe Vigne 2013 Nikiara Bordeaux Blend

A nose of baked cherry, date and cola precede an intriguing palate of cocoa powder, black rapsberry and tobacco. Elongated tannins carry notes of cigar box and malabar peppercorn for a lingering and seductive finish.

Awards Won:

  • LA Int’l Wine Competition 2016 – 90 points – Gold
  • Wine Enthusiast – 90 pts August 2016



2013-tannat_largeLe Vigne di Domenico 2013 Tannat

A bright ruby-hue introduces aromas of cranberry and cinnamon with flavors of bergamot, black plum, hints of root beer and white pepper. This wine lives up to its namesake with generous ripe tannins and a robust mouthfeel.

Awards won:

  • OC Fair 2016 – Gold
  • CA State Fair 2016 –98 points – Double Gold
  • LA Int’l Wine Competition 2016 –92 pts – Gold


2013-amerhone-1016-x-3427pxLe Vigne 2013 AmeRhone

This wine opens with pronounced aromas of violet and rice wine– expressive of the appassimento process. Custardy cherimoya, huckleberry and semolina flavors mingle over a depth of nutmeg and leather, culminating in rustic tannins and a spicy finish.





2013 LV Paso Petite Sirah 1566 x 4320px.jpg  Le Vigne Paso Robles 2013 Petite Sirah

Deep blackberry and fennel gently graze the nose, further suggesting notes of fresh forest floor thickened by dark chocolate and caramel.  Flinty, acidic flavors engage the palate while ending in a velvety smooth finish.
(Reds Only Option)




2014 LV Paso Robles BS Chard(300dpi)2015 Le Vigne Paso Robles Barrel Select Chardonnay

Fuji apples mixed with pineapple and banana are the driving aromatics balance with toasted marshmallow.

(Red and White Mixed Option)



2013-acquarello-cab-sauv_smallpsd2013 Acquarello Cabernet Sauvignon

Intensely aromatic cherry cola and clove spice form an indulgent bouquet, with flavors of Santa Rosa plum and lightly roasted coffee. Elegant on the palate with developed approachable tannins and lively acidity, this bold wine promises profound sophistication in maturity.

Awards won:

  • Wine Enthusiast – 91 pts July, 2016
  • CA State Fair 2016 – 98 pts Double Gold


The Cheeses (Il Formaggio Add-On Option)

1297Honeybee Goat Gouda: This is our best-selling goat cheese! This is a hard goat’s milk Gouda-style cheese from Holland, infused with – you guessed it- honey! The sweetness from the honey gives the cheese a light nutty flavor of cashews, and its texture makes it easy to slice or cube. Honeybee® Goat Cheese is a wonderful snacking cheese and it’s easy to see why kids love it as well. It is beelicious!!! (Pairs with Le Vigne 2013 Tannat)

(Ingredients: Pasteurized Dutch Goat’s Milk Cheese, Salt, Honey Flavor, Vegetable Rennet)

Iberico 3 Milk Cheese: Iberico is made with a blend of pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep. The combination of these three milks varies from season to season based on the weather and the breeding patterns of the goats and sheep. However, the following minimum guidelines are strictly adhered to by the producing dairies. The blend minimums are: cow milk 50%, goat milk 30% and sheep popup_ibericomilk 10% In general, the cows’ milk provides the flavor and acidity while the goats’ milk provides the slightly tart flavor and the whiter color and the sheep’s milk adds the richness and buttery consistency due to its higher fat content. This triumphant combination results in a deliciously traditional and complex flavor, honed since medieval times in central Spain. The interior paste has a light yellow white to slight beige color and a mild sheepy aroma. Iberico is often mistaken for Manchego due to its similarly cross-hatched rind, but with a cow’s milk smoothness, slight goaty tang and rich sheepy creaminess, the taste and herbaceous aroma is quite distinguishable. Matured anywhere from one to six months, Iberico has a firm yet flaky texture with a mild flavor.(Pairs with 2013 Le Vigne Nikiara Bordeaux Blend)

(Ingredients: Pasteurized milk (cow,goat,sheep), salt, calcium chloride, animal rennet, lysozyme)



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