Central Coast Cheese Flight

We’re celebrating the cheeses of the Central Coast by putting five of our favorite local cheeses on our cheese flight and pairing them with our wines! With their delicious flavors and creamy textures, these cheeses from Central Coast Creamery and Stepladder Creamery are some of our most popular and won’t last on the shelves for much longer, so stop by our tasting room and sample them for yourselves!

Here are the wines and cheeses listed on our current flight:

detail_SeascapeSeascape (Central Coast Creamery, Paso Robles, CA)

This semi-soft cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and a complex tanginess that makes this cheese a true American original. Made from a blend of cow and goat milk, the name of this cheese is inspired by a luxury resort in the Central Coast town of Aptos. This cheese has a slight saltiness that makes it a decadent escape anytime you enjoy it, which allows it to pair beautifully with our 2015 Le Vigne Paso Robles Rosé.


Rioly Run (Stepladder Creamery, Cambria, CA

This washed-rind cow’s milk cheese is unique to the central coast because it is washed in local Saison beer from Libertine Brewing, located in San Luis Obispo. This allows the flavor to express a fruitiness and a slight funkiness evocative of the sour flavors in the beer. After about four days of bathing, the cheese is aged and the paste turns pale yellow in color. The resulting product is a slightly musty yet sweet aroma and an orange-brown rind, and a balanced and creamy texture, making it the perfect pairing with our 2013 Le Vigne Malbec.

Ewenique (Central Coast Creamery)detail_Central-Coast---Ewenique.jpg

The recipe for this sheep’s milk cheese was created by cheesemaker Reggie Jones and is produced in Holland exclusively for Central Coast Creamery, allowing it to be classified as a Gouda. This cheese has a brilliant velvety-white color and a creamy, delicate texture that melts in the mouth. With an extremely complex flavor, the savory qualities of the sheep’s milk underlie an incredible sweetness reminiscent of salted caramel and vanilla beans. The complexity of this cheese along with its sweet flavors allow it to pair perfectly with our 2013 Le Vigne Cabernet Franc.


Cambria Clothbound (Stepladder Creamery)

This cow’s milk cheese has a natural rind produced from the bandage it is wrapped in as it ages, with a crumbly yet creamy texture. The first cheese on this flight that is more savory than sweet, it also has a distinct sharpness on the finish. The tyrosine crystals that develop after four months of aging provide a pleasurable crunch. This is a great snacking cheese that pairs well with hoppy beers, cider, or our 2013 Le Vigne Coure Della Vigna.

Big Rock Blue (Central Coast Creamery8863.jpg

The name of this cow’s milk cheese is inspired Morro Rock, a massive rock at the popular California tourist destination, Morro Bay. With an ivory paste laced with a brilliant teal veining, this cheese is pressed to maintain a curdy texture reminiscent of fudge. This cheese is mild and approachable, yet brimming with hints of creamy butter and salted bacon, making the perfect complement to our 2013 Le Vigne Petite Sirah.

For more about Stepladder Ranch and Creamery, log onto their website, linked here.

To read more about the cheeses from Central Coast Creamery, click here.


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