Our Cheese on the Central Coast

We frequently get called upon by various wineries, caterers, and chefs in the area to make cheese platters for their events! Here’s a sneak peak on what our cheese girls have been doing for the last couple of weeks…

A customer ordered a platter for a private event, and we’re thinking that they were pretty pleased with the results! They received a variety of cured meats such as soppressata, speck alto adige, and a salami coated with herbes de provence. The cheeses ranged from Sage Derby and Leyden (a savory Dutch cheese with cumin seeds) to a pepper-coated brie smeared with fig jam and English Blue Stilton with a side of honeycomb. After topping it off with a French cocktail olive mix, dried fruit, Marcona almonds, and edible flowers from Loo Loo Farms, the final result is a beautiful work of cheese and charcuterie art!


This platter features a Fig and Almond cake and Mahon on a bed of Marcona almonds, complemented by Beemster Vlaskaas, Shaft’s Gold Mine Bleu, Beecher’s Marco Polo, speck alto adige, coppa, and a wedge of brie rolled in edible flowers. The plate is topped off with Castelveltrano Sicilian Olives and dried peaches, pears, and dates, and of course, more edible flowers.


We make platters for our own events as well! For our May pickup party, we featured speck alto adige, Beecher’s Flagship, Dutch Girl Goat Gouda,  Wisconsin 5-year aged cheddar, and Purple Haze and Sgt. Pepper goat chevres. The plate is rounded out with roses, grape leaves, and sprinkles of Bachelor Button petals.


Other wineries in the Paso Robles area frequently order out cheese and charcuterie platters for their private events. Broken Earth Winery ordered two platters for their pickup party and received an arrangement of speck alto adige, pepper-coated soppressata, and a variety of cheese including Valdeon, Sage Derby, and Truffle Tremor.

Vina Robles Winery ordered a special cheese platter to pair with their sparkling wines for their Mother’s Day brunch. They received a beautiful display of Truffle Tremor, Barely Buzzed, Rumiano Dry Jack, Fol Epi, and a mini wheel of Saint Andre. Pink and red rose petals and colorful bachelor button flowers added a festive touch!


You can order your very own platter from us! We can make platters for anywhere from six to over 300 people for a variety of events. You can rent one of our barrel heads to use as a plate, or bring in your own. It’s the perfect addition to any party or gathering!



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