Il Formaggio: May 2016

We’re extremely excited to announce the cheeses that we will be featuring in our May wine club shipment this year!

Central Coast Creamery Holey Cow

holey cow cheee

A handcrafted artisan cheese made from whole cow’s milk in the beautiful central coast region of California. This semi-soft cheese is filled with small rond openings characteristic of a Swiss cheese but with a smooth, creamy texture and a crisp, buttery finish. This artisanal cheese is aged for at least 2 months and the total annual production is less than 50,000 pounds. Tasty as a snack or melting in a sandwich, it pairs well with our 2013 Le Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon Di Domenico.

Le Bon du JuraLe Bon du Jura

This hard cheese is made of organic cow’s milk delivered daily by a dozen farmers spread throughout the Ajoye in Switzerland. The lush grasses and ubiquitous pine trees of this region are reflected in its rich and aromatic cheeses. With notes of hazelnut and cream, the finish is nicely balanced, long, and round. Le Bon du Jura has a reddish-brown rind aged from 8 months of washing. It is a perfect munching cheese and has a great melting ability; perfect for fondue! Pair this cheese with 2013 Le Vigne Coure della Vigna.



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