La Tavola: Spring 2016

Butterflied Karabuta Pork Tenderloin with Peach Pepper Grill Glaze

Message from the Winemaker, Michael Barreto:

“For this year’s wine and food adventure we looked to South America and the country of Argentina for inspiration. Why Argentina? With primarily a Spanish culture, and an influx of immigrants from all over Europe at the end of WII, the cuisine is very diverse yet well integrated with local ingredients. Additionally, this style of food pairs perfectly with our first release of Malbec in our Le Vigne label, that is contained in this shipment…Our representation of Malbec is lush with ripe red and black fruit flavors, elegant rusticity and notes of cocoa that identify it its provenance. As an accompaniment to this wine, we have chosen a quick, easy, and flavorful recipe that will make a great centerpiece for your next grilling adventure; butterflied Karabuta pork tenderloin with a spicy peach glaze.”

Here’s what’s in our La Tavola Shipment this year…

Le Vigne Malbec di Domenico 2013

Aromas of mulberry and hot cocoa precede flavors of ripe Bing cherry and boysenberry with an underlying character of Herbes de Provence. A rich, creamy palate and round mouthfeel accompany a lingering finish with a hint of smoke.

Le Vigne Grenache di Domenico 2013

Medium bodied with full presence, this Grenache erupts strawberry and grenadine at the forefront. The mid-palate is met with vanilla and cherry cola over a hint of dusty minerality and settles into spicy sage finish, perfect to curl up with by a fire.

Le Vigne Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015

Our estate grown Arbequina olives were harvested during our 2015 vintage and milled on site. Arbequina olives produce a mild and aromatic oil with a wonderfully buttery, fruity flavor with a touch of pepper.

Karabuta Pork Tenderloin

Karabuta pork is a heritage breed of pig, also known as Berkshire. It’s prized for its richness and texture, with juicy tenderness and a distinct flavor not found in generic breeds. Karabuta is Japanese for “black pig,” and is said to be the Kobe beef of pork.

Paso Robles Preserves Peach Pepper Grill Glaze

Just in time for barbecue season, this sweet and savory glaze of peach and peppers packs an irresistible punch of flavor. Use is at a sear sauce on chicken and pork, or as a marinade.

Paso Robles Preserves Garden Confetti Salt Blend

This colorful blend of seasoning salt is hand-crated from locally sourced ingredients, featuring edible flowers from Loo Loo Farms. With floral and savory flavors of onions and peppers, it’s a versatile way to kick up your cuisine.






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